Optimized wrapping for sustainable customer experience


Suboptimal is bad for business and sustainability​

With a growing e-commerce the need for optimizing and creating a more sustainable packaging-solution is increasing.

Today´s solutions are in-efficient both in regards to material used as well as too much air being  packaged into the products packaging

  • Logistics – Unnecessary transportation with average 30-50% air content
  • Materials – Waste of natural resources (cardboard etc)
  • Warehouse space – The variety of standard packaging takes costly space
  • Customer experience – Bad experience with unnecessarily big packages

Innovation and optimization of the supply chain for digital commerce 

Cardboard is a fantastic product with natural protection for packages from renewable materials. Optibinary offers a tailormade and smart cardboard solution for all your deliveries. The patented technology creates a more resource effecient e-commerce by optimizing the usage of both material and logistics

The Binary Packaging system

The Binary Box is produced were it packages in optimal size for its content with 100% material utilization at the speed that is needed

Optimal size

Cost and enviromental efficient shipping

On demand

Created on the spot in high speed

No waste

100% Material Utilization


The optimal way for a better world

Award winning Technlogy

The Binary box is unique and revolutionizing patented technology that customize cardboard at high speed, directly optimized from the selected content.

Join our journey for a sustainable and innovative packaging industry

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